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  1. Thank you for the good preaching! We heard it all the way in New Mexico. In 2004 we moved to NM to care for my wife’s parents. God blessed us exceedingly abundantly above what we expected or even asked. Since her mother, father, older brother and older sister have all gone to the Lord, we have been left wanting to move back east to be closer to my family for about a year now. We keep looking at the Erie, PA area. Yesterday we were checking into churches in the area and I found your website. Today between our church services we listened to a Lamppost and after the evening service,we listened to this sermon, God is able. This sermon tied right in with the preaching we got at our church today! Both were a huge blessing.
    We will continue to pray for God’s will regarding our moving there. I did put in for two different jobs there. We will see what God says. When we prayed for God’s will regarding coming to NM to care for our parents, our house sold in 5 days! We knew without a doubt God wanted us here at that time. So we are asking Him again. We are trusting Him. And we are opening our mouth wide. We know whatever He says is best for us. Thank you for the good preaching!

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