Grace of Calvary Baptist Church has a unique opportunity to get the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to over 3 million souls every week in the country of Mongolia. Mongolia The Lord has provided a contact through which we can televise a 1/2 hour television program once a week from the capital city of Mongolia. We are in the process of trying to collect 1.5 million pennies to represent the number of souls in the capital city. We traveled over 1,500 miles throughout the regions visiting villages hundreds of miles apart. In this vast wilderness people live a nomadic lifestyle moving their homes, families, flocks and herds each season. They do not have running water or electricity or indoor facilities – but they do have a solar panel, a satellite dish and a TV! People who will never meet a missionary or know a preacher can hear of Christ via television! We have already aired a 12 episode series of the gospel in 2015 with success. Please help us to raise the $50,000.00 needed to get the gospel to these people again. Will you please pray with us about this wonderful opportunity? If you would like to help, your gifts would be greatly appreciated. For more info about this project call: 814-323-5087



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