Missionaries Supported Around the World

Having a heart that is burdened for world evangelism is what God desires of every believer. The Bible states that because God loved the world He gave His only Son. Developing lives that invest in the world and taking the Gospel to the world is a vital ministry at Grace of Calvary Baptist Church. From the annual Faith Promise Missions Conference to the short-term mission trips by church members to help on mission fields, we are making investments that are impacting lives in world evangelism. Our desire is to support quality missionaries but also to send out those from our ministry who have been impacted and called by God. Below is a listing of missionaries financially supported by Grace of Calvary Baptist Church. We thank God for their willing and faithful hearts and urge everyone to pray for the work they are performing.

Adams - Asia

Ann Anderson - Isreal

Dave Arnold - World Evangelistic Outreach

Norman Aabye - Nursing Homes

Alan Barclay - Mexico

Bob Barley - Japan

Bob Bevington - Bearing Precious Seed

Eric Bohman - Africa

Gene Berge - Baptist Missions to Forgotten People

Jim Bracelin - Silent Word Ministry

Keren Burdick - Hondorus

Moises Campos - Spain

Travis Campbell - Louisiana

Felix Caxeres - Philippines

Chatla Dvasahayam - India

Leon Foote - Evangelist

Macilien Francois - Haiti

Jonathan Facenda - South Korea

Sylvester Green - Jamaica

Mike Goldfuss - Mexico

Daniel Hiquiana - Philippines

Glen Harbaugh - Alaska

Terry Hamilton - Lighthouse Legal

George Harris - Plant City, FL

Doug Hounshell - Mormons in Utah

John Jobe - England

Eugene Kimmel - Hands for Christ (to the Deaf)

Earl Lewis - Jamaica

Craig Ledbetter - Ireland

Joaquin Lopez - Spain

Elizabeth McAchren - Mexico

Mark Herbstritt - Printing Ministry

Brian McClain - Thailand

Alan Moravek - Evangelist

Lucien Metedieu - Jamaica

Steve Malm - Africa

Jascene Orelus - Haiti

Jim Pranger - Russia

Donnie Pollard - Evangelist

Frank Perry - Panama

Dave Smolinski - Jewish Peoples in NY

Dewayne Spears - Brazil

Don Stertz - Couriers for Christ

Chris Radebaugh - Africa (to the Deaf)

Grett Smallwood - Belize

Roy Smith - Germany (Military)

Raymond Soward - American Indians

Alan Sutphen - Uganda

Sword of the Lord

Don Smith - B.M.F.P.

Zam Thang - Burma

LeRoy Thompson - Jamaica

Peter Wigdor - Charity Baptist Mission, NY

Daniel Wilder - Guatemala

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